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We're artists in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  We'd love to sell to you online but we simply don't produce volume work;  we lovingly create one-of-a-kind pieces which should be seen, tried on or handled, and fallen-in-love-with before purchasing.  That's why we currently sell and ship only in the DFW area where you can see your piece when you pick it up from us.

However, we do believe in long-distance relationships! If you'd like to buy a piece in our gallery (or something similar), please email us.  We'll let you know if something similar is available and send you pictures in hopes that you'll love it from afar. 


If you live in the DFW area, email us or subscribe to our email list and we'll let you know when our next show is, or arrange for a private studio tour if you need a gift for someone special and you need it quickly (we know, we've been there, too).



We understand that love doesn't always last;  that's why we offer a 30-day refund policy for pieces purchased online.  See our refund policy page for more details.


If you subscribe to our emails, we absolutely promise you that your email will never be shared with anyone else.  We will only email you about upcoming events in which we are participating, or when we introduce new lines.  If you want more info, please follow us on facebook  (@prestonhollowstudios) or instagram (prestonhollowstudios) - where we post more frequently and more conversationally.


Sorry, we don't do wholesale work, but we're very flattered that you asked  - thank you!


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