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  • Why are items out of stock from time to time?
    Items shown online may be among the artwork we take to local art shows from time to time. Whenever we are in a show, all items online will change to 'out of stock' until we return and can update our current inventory.
  • Do you do custom orders?
    That depends on what you want and how quickly you need it! Please email us with any custom requests.
  • Can I pick up an item in person if I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area?
    Of course! Go ahead and pay for the item online, let us know in the comments that you want to pick it up in person, and we'll reimburse you the shipping when you pick up the item. Please include your email address so that we can email you to make arrangements.
  • What is fine silver / metal clay?
    About 15 years ago, a new way to work with silver was created. Reclaimed silver is ground very finely and combined with a binder to create a type of clay. Metal clay can easily be formed into unique jewelry shapes, and when it is fired in a kiln, the binder burns off, leaving almost pure silver (.999% silver), called fine silver. Sterling silver is .925% silver; it has some copper included for strength.


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